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A lot of User ask me for a English Website from Pisi Linux, and here we have it!

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What is Pisi?

PiSi itself is a console based program (command pisi), its graphical interface is the so-called. “Package Manager” (command package-manager) in Pisi Linux.

PiSi allows easy install, remove or update software. It is the in-house package management system under Pisi GNU / Linux. The name “PiSi” is the abbreviation for the basic principle: “Packages Installed successfully as intended”
Now you will certainly also still ask why here always packages the speech? Now there are programs that “tolerated” sometimes with other programs not (incompatible). In addition, many programs are in Linux usually of different building blocks
(eg so-called. “libraries”) depending on the product to work properly.

Such links are best permits in the form of packages that are dependent on each other depending on the type and application. In addition to the installation size to keep as small as possible, program installations are accordingly linked. This must not be dependent files to be installed separately for each program and it saves a lot of valuable hard disk space. PiSi packets are also very heavily compressed.

Why Pisi?

Anyone who has ever dealt with other Linux package management systems like RPM, dpkg, or, Portage will, legitimately ask the question “why now yet another format – rather than existing techniques to develop” The answers to this question and the reasons a new Paketverwal-
tion to develop.

Original quote from a former Pardus developers

Although there are functionally mature package administrations which are also used by a wide audience (RPM, DPKG and Portage), fulfill
they are not our expectations as in the paragraph above. They do not offer those simplicity, we assume – let the fact that some, this view does not even represented. The effort this package administrations to develop according to our expectations continue and expand, is too big, which is why we have taken the decision to develop its own package management systems from scratch. More importantly, the clear separation of the package specifications and installation instructions, which is provided in any of the known packet administrations. These were originally developed as simply tools and upgraded over time as needed with new features until they have reached their present state.

Incidentally, my name is Groni, I am  Linux user since 9 years, and i’m a member of the Pisi Linux team.

So enough said, I hope you enjoy reading or watching pictures, and remember the page is still under construction, there is always something new.

While it will not be every day of the case, but daily it’s worth it.

Have fun to look here and watch each Time news

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