Pisi Linux 2.0

The most of the users already know, is that the Pisi Linux Team currently working at Pisi Linux 2.0.

Pisi Linux 2.0 will be the proven Pisi Linux as all Times, but with KDE5 / Plasma5 as Desktop Environment.

This requires some revisions from the Pisi Linux own tools like Kaptan, Pisi, and the package maintainer has to be adapted to QT5.

You can test Pisi Linux 2.0 alpha5, to download the ISO via the following link:

Pisi Linux 2.0 Alfa5-KDE5-karakedi-x86_64.iso

Please remember that this is a trial version, so do not use it as a productive system, because not all functions are available. You use it at your own risk.

You will find at this point subcategories, in which i’ll show you the progress of the Pisi Linux 2.0 development.

We hope we can give you Pisi Linux 2.0  as soon as possible.