LM_Sensors in Pisi Linux

Hi to all

Did you have problems with your Sensors in Pisi Linux?

I have a AMD Chip and have Problems with lm_sensors and k10temp. Look at he Screenshot.

That are the Sensors before i make this special

sensors before modprobe

Here a little solution for it

At the first you must let detect lm_sensors your  Sensors  in Pisi Linux, you need not install anything lm_sensors is install by default.

Open a Terminal and run the command:

sudo sensors-detect

Answer each Question with yes look at the Screenshots:



Now press Enter so as you can read it here


As last here type Yes to overwrite the /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors


When this work is done reboot your System, lm_sensors needs a restart to detect it complete.

When you type now in your Terminal:


you see the same as above on the first Screenshot, now do the following, type in the Terminal

sudo modprobe it87

after it, you need no restart type in the Terminal again:


and you see a very better output from your Sensors

sensors after modprobe

You see the Voltage, the Fan speed, and the core Temperatures, it looks from Board to Board different.

The Problem is you must type after each reboot again in the Terminal:

sudo modprobe it87

But so can you see when you Work with Pisi Linux your Sensors and see when a Temperatures is to high.

This Problem is not a Problem from Pisi Linux, the Problem is here since any years.