The difference between sudo su and su – in Pisi Linux / Linux


Is the command for the SuperUser do Action xy

When you give in a command such as sudo pisi up it ask for the Root Password, this action is for this one command after it the rights for Root are switching off.

That is very important, so must you not work the full time in the Terminal as Root, and it is important when it give security Problems or when you make issues.


Is the command for the SuperUser

After the asking from the password, you have now for longer Time Admin rights and you can work, a longer Time as Root when you need it for your work.

When you have done your work as Root, forget not the exit command, so that it switch from Root to the normal user you can see it on the # and the $.

su –

In Pisi Linux you can change as Root in the Terminal, after typing only su – and it change after correct password as Root, and you can do your work.