Pisi Linux 1.2 XFCE is ready to download

Pisi Linux 1.2 XFCE

The Pisi Linux Team annouced that

Pisi Linux 1.2 XFCE is now Ready to download

Pisi Linux 1.1 or earlier users can use ‘sudo pisi up -dys’ for the new version

Pisi Linux 1.2 XFCE


Create Bootable Installation Medium


When ‘burning’ to optical media, it is advisable to use a slow burning speed to reduce the risk of read/write errors.


  1. Make a note of the downloaded ISO file name
  2. Attach the USB device which is to be used to boot and run the installer from
  3. Open a Terminal window
    1. Verify location of attached USB device by typing the following: ls -la /dev/disk/by-id/usb-*
    2. Transfer the ISO to the USB device: sudo dd bs=4M if=Pisi-Linux-Rc1-izmir-v01.iso of=/dev/sdX

When the transfer completes, a message will list a summary of the transfer


Replace Linux-Rc1-izmir-v01.iso accordingly, if your downloaded ISO version is different than in the above example
Replace ‘X’ to match your target USB drive, for example: sdb, sdc, etc …
Ensure you are certain of the target USB location, as this command will overwrite all data in the specified location