Printer with Pisi Linux Part2


Pisi Linux has the following Tools for Printers available:

gutenprint               –  High quality printer drivers

splix                        –   A set of CUPS printer drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer       Language)

pnm2ppa                 –  Driver addons for some Hp Deskjet printers

min12xxw                 – Minolta printer driver

foomatic-db-hpijs      – Drivers for HPIJS printers

ghostscript                – A PostScript interpreter and renderer

foomatic-db-nonfree   – Foomatic printer database nonfree

cups-bjnp                    – CUPS backend for the Canon BJNP network printers

foo2zjs                        – Open source printer driver

hplip-gui                     – A set of useful utilities written in Qt for managing HP         devices

hplip                           – HP Linux Imaging and Printing System

hplip-docs                   – Documentation files for HPLIP

and a lot more.

You can see the most of them when you open the Printing Management in Pisi Linux.

Go to Menu>Settings>System Settings>Printer click on “Click here to add a New Printer”, it opened a little new Window:

Here can you see your Printer when it is connect. When you have found it, click on next and it show a new Window and takes a moment to load it:

Here on the Screen you can choose your Driver for your Printer the most Time when you have install your Driver, it was write in recommended Driver, when not search the right Driver for your Printer. It was very simple.

Note: Not all Printers work with this Drivers here, you can then download the Driver from your Manufacturer and compile it, or search in the Pisi Linux Github

in playground, any Team Members had build her own Printer Drivers.