TeamViewer installation


TeamViewer is a proprietary computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

It supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X environments. Although it has a paid version of the software though offered in the free version for personal use, there is an important feature restrictions.

Instead TeamViewer for remote desktop sharing, you can use the software Krfb on  Pisi Linux.

Installation and operation

As there is no need to compile software from pisilife package repository. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Add pisilife repo here as you’re Pisi Linux Repository .

2. Open Konsole and give in;

sudo pisi bi

3. Install with Double-click on the pisi package at your home directory.

Teamviewer Deamon is not running?

After you have installed Teamviewer in Pisi Linux  and you would like to start it, but  you become this error:

“Teamviewer Daemon is not running, please start teamviewerd and then restart Teamviewer”

So what you must doing now? Very simple close Teamviewer open a Terminal and give in the following command:

sudo teamviewer –daemon start

After it close the Terminal and start Teamviewer again, you should see it works.


Here any simple commands for Teamviewer:


to locate Teamviewer

whereis teamviewer                      teamviewer: /usr/bin/teamviewer /etc/teamviewer was the answer

teamviewer –help printing this Answer

TeamViewer                                 9.0.32150


 teamviewer                                 start TeamViewer user interface (if not running)


 teamviewer –help                       print this help screen


 teamviewer –version                  print version information


 teamviewer –info                        print version, status, id


 teamviewer –ziplog                    create a zip containing all teamviewer logs  (useful  when contacting support)


 teamviewer –passwd [PASSWD]    set a password (useful when installing remote  (ssh)


 teamviewer –daemon status     show current status of the TeamViewer daemon


 teamviewer –daemon start       start          TeamViewer daemon


 teamviewer –daemon stop        stop           TeamViewer daemon


 teamviewer –daemon restart    stop/start     TeamViewer daemon


 teamviewer –daemon disable    disable        TeamViewer daemon – don’t start  daemon on system startup


 teamviewer –daemon enable    enable         TeamViewer daemon – start  daemon on system startup (default)