Easter Eggs in the command line / Fun with the Terminal

This article is dedicated to programs that referred to by some as pointlessly, are however considered by others as an enrichment of the dry Programming everyday.

An Easter Egg is a hidden, undocumented and amusing feature of the software. Some of these Easter eggs are hidden in Pisi Linux or individual programs. There are also some humorous programs for friends of the command line.


The browser Chromium contains surprises



The Mozilla developers have taken two gags from the Netscape Navigator. By the input in the address line from the following:

  • about:robots
  • about:mozilla

Command Line

A small list of warmingly nonsensical commands or programs.


Although the bash shell does not always so clear evidence, but in this case she is right:



The touch command is very versatile especially in the German translation:

touch /Angela

However, the NSA has are a lot of other resources.


Even the editor Vim contains some Easter Eggs. The following commands are each initiated with Esc and confirm with :

  • :help!
  • :Ni!
  • :help 42


The xeyes program is indeed launched via the command line, but requires an ongoing graphical interface:


Quit with Ctrl + C

Log fires in the terminal:



Internet Easter Eggs

What’s GidF?  

UNIX HATERS Release 2.0

Google‘s Gravity Experiment


For German User or those how can understand the German Language

Was heisst GidF?

Was ist ein Qwertzuiopü

Gute Frage…..

Optisch interessante Google-Suche